Thursday, May 31, 2012

plyometrics and pyrotechnics

 Aynsley had a positive job interview an hour north in the Twin cities, so it is possible the work I have been doing to make the studio down here functional and clean could amount to a great yet expensive storage unit for the next nine months until the lease runs out. Considering I would like to live up there, rather than this less than optimal town if given a choice of the two, this will not be a big issue. It will serve well as a transfer station allowing us out of the house obligations while not committing fully to the new location should it work out.

The plyometric boxes have finally been completed.  Due to the weather being wet, and the application of two coats primer, two coats paint, and four coats polyurethane, this took longer than expected, but the results are favorable to keeping them un-sanded and unprotected.

These boxes will be the foundation of body weight excersize routines.  They can be stepped or jumped up on, pushed off from, and raised in all sorts of ways to focus different muscle groups.  A video would perhaps show the use of these better.  One day... we will graduate up to vlogdom.

just a few feet above this blaze were the
power and phone lines servicing my
building which is behind me.
For now, here is the first real burn of garbage scrap consisting largely of some of the poorly constructed benches that existed in the studio before my occupation of it.  What I failed to observe before allowing it to escalate to the height you see in the photo, was the power lines fifteen feet above the barrel.  As the hot air caused them to sway to and fro, I knew the barrel was too hot to safely move, and I kept the stereo and lights on so I would know if it got too hot for the wires above and melted them by the blackout.  A foolish mistake, for it would have been expensive and on me to have an electrician come out and install an new trunk to my building. Thankfully there was no issue.

As a survivalist, I enjoy and employ any tool that
functions with multiple purposes in life.

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