Monday, May 21, 2012

Shifting Gears

After a few weeks monitoring my dietary intake on FitDay, I have grasped enough information on my daily foods to forego without entering EVERY food of EVERY meal several times a day. This is tiresome and boring, but was useful in getting an idea. It is still available to check on exotic foods, or less consumed in the event I were curious.

Now that the first few weeks have elapsed, and my body has transformed its metabolism, presumably, it is time to up-shift into a higher gear. It should feel natural, like shifting in a car. First gear is useful to get started, but not efficient, and though powerful, it will not achieve the speed desired. It gets the car rolling though, which would have been impossible in a higher gear without stalling. If one were to stay in first, eventually the engine would blow up.  Likewise, if I were to continue to count calories and micro-monitor the consumption, I would likely get bored and quit the whole thing.

How many gears does this process have? No clue.  At least three stages I would say.  This one demands longer and harsher energy expending, and also more caloric intake, as I have been holding back to near starvation levels for a while.  With the increase of energy use, there will need to be the addition of a small amount more carbohydrates.  Fruits, and more vegetables, which I have been voraciously consuming with a couple large salads per day, such as the one shown in a recent post.

Tonight might be a nice night for some lean fish. Perhaps throwing a big filet of salmon on the grill with some lemon and fresh fennel. Then couple it with one of my signature veggie logs; a tightly packed roll of foil housing green beans and other veggies with butter. Last night while taking Aegis for a walk I smelled a BBQ, and  felt guilty for not doing the same for dinner.

This is a candle holder design for three inch
pillars, we make our own candles as well.

The candle stand in the pic is my design for the palm wax candles we make, as shown a  unique trait to palm wax is it melts inwardly, with the sides collapsing inward after the flame has burnt down enough to form a chasm with a slim shell which radiates the light through palm wax' unique mottled surface, very elegant.

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