Wednesday, May 23, 2012

a possible opportunity and a rant

I'll start with the optimist part. After filming Aynsley and a friend she shows horses with working on their jumping, we were standing in the barn and her friend, Nancy mentioned I should contact her associate who just opened a new gallery smack in the center of town.  She provided me with the information she had on him, and I began to paint pictures in my head.

I have been down the road of gallery exhibition before, and a lot of times they require more than a cocky artist whats to relinquish for their services.  I am usually met with a time commitment where I would need to work in the gallery for a few days a month, as well as pay for the space, and sometimes a commission on top of that.  Back in the day I was having none of that.  These days I might consider it.

I am up very early, like it wasn't even five a.m. when I was wide a awake buzzing in bed, and decided to get up and put on some coffee.  I'll get the higher intensity walk/jog/sprint cycle out of the way early, and head into this guys place this morning for a chat.

The other reason I was up early:  Carbs.  Last night after leaving the stable we were hungry. I had spent about 1300 calories in excersize, plus my typical expenditure just living, and only ate what is seen in the picture.  

We have: leftover pork roast, avocado, eggs, sardines, kimchi and fresh cherries.  After a good ride it was a wonderful meal.  It was not enough though.  This meal might be 5-6 hundred calories, and I require about 4000.  So needless to say I felt the hunger come 8 p.m. when we were heading home.  Our options were limited.

We wanted a buffet, where we could pick and choose only what we wanted to eat, and not have to pay for buns and side dishes we could not, only getting half a meal.  Problem is, there are no buffets in town, open that late and not being nationwide chains of garbage laden junk food disguised as real food and sitting out collecting bacteria.

We decided to cheat a bit and go for Chipotle.  They like to write quirky shit on their packaging indicating their ingredients are somehow more nutritious than other fast food joints, which is no large feat.  We used to enjoy their food before the diet change so we figured why not.  I needed calories, and the glycogen was good for my tired muscles.  My stores of glucose were no doubt running on empty, so I doubt any of the carbs were converted to fat for storage.

Waking up at a quarter to four in the morning and buzzing made me sure of that fact, that my body was roasting those calories like a wad of newspaper in a bonfire and there I lay feeling like I do when I drink a lot of alcohol before bed, freaking vibrating man...   Sure, why not add a couple cups of coffee?

This would be fine with me, but here is the rant:  I tried a new meat in the burrito bowl I ordered.  Some shredded beef or pork with a bizarre name, instead of the typical chicken I used to get.  This stuff was overloaded with salt, it was almost inedible, but I was starving remember.  I ate it anyway, even though I am attempting to limit my salt intake. I think the lid of the shaker fell off when they were seasoning this stuff, it was that bad...   Down the hatch.

My mouth felt like it had been turned inside out.

So either they had over-seasoned it or my palate was more sensitive due to the diet changes, either way, it was far from enjoyable, I ate every little bit, scraping the bowl, and these two bowls in the bag literally felt like five pounds. It was a lot of density. The white rice and beans is what got me going spaz.

Speaking of salty foods, on my walk yesterday I noticed Grimace was hiding in the railroad trestle over by Quarry Hill Park.  As I walked by, he just looked at me with that goofy expression.  Gone are the days where McDonalds will advertise with a big fat saggy tub of purple lard, I have even heard rumors of them offering a veggie or even vegan burger, and gluten free buns.

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