Sunday, May 27, 2012

Tomorrow starts the plan

The "plan" is just a spreadsheet I made to keep me in line with goals and focused.  As an amateur blogger, I have no idea how to upload an excel file to this, but here is the lowdown: It covers a two week interval, because an even number of days allows the routine to repeat in a projected manner, I will eventually know what I am doing in advance without having to check the chart.

Labeled as 1st Monday, 1st Tuesday, etc, and then 2nd Monday, 2nd Tuesday, etc., it follows a repeating two week time frame where some days diet and excersize are focused on cardio, other days strength training, and there is one day, specifically the 1st Thursday, where I have endurance activities scheduled. That would be a long bike ride or hike.  Once every two weeks should be enough of that, with 10-20 mile rides or 5 mile jogs on the other cardio days in the plan.

There was so much dust in the air it looks
like I am standing in fog. Not sure what
the pose is about, I was feeling like a badass.
The meals are calculated to provide carbs when needed for heavy lifting, protein rich meals for building, fasting and light meals when less active or fat burning, I am hoping I have it right.

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