Monday, May 28, 2012

Well, that was quick

Yesterday I spoke of the "plan". A program with strict guidelines regarding excersize and dietary requirements in order to follow it. I even made a spreadsheet, it took all of about a half hour to make it. It took one statement from a friend to break it.

My friend Marcus, former triathlete competitor, stopped by the studio yesterday and after I told him about the plan, he said something along the lines of this: A warrior does not have plan, and being a warrior requires adaptability. Therefore, training like a warrior, to be a warrior, one should not use a set curriculum, and just do what feels right.

A warrior does not look at the reasons, and does not attempt to change them. A warrior looks at the reality, and then deals with it inside his or her circle of influence. They know they are doing what it takes so if the fight ever came to them, they would swiftly deal with it and that would be that. A warrior allows the tragedy knowing it is human nature, and abiding by that, they know nature is survival of the fittest, no matter what contraptions are invented and pushed upon the complacent society. By minimizing the amount of influence from those in search of upgrading their power with money, legislation, or force, one maintains the ability to fight.

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