Friday, May 18, 2012

Lovely morning

As are so many this time of year in this little corner of Minnesota.

Just spent a half hour browsing the member photos at a Paleo community of Facebook I joined. They love the high fat food, and being like minded, I quit before salivating all over the keyboard.  Admittedly it is difficult at times to dream up full meals without the use of starchy components like rice to set proteins and vegetables upon. Going there will help with the ideas, presumably.  For instance, on the counter upstairs is a frozen beef brisket, grass fed and local of course, but aside from a couple recipes found on Mark Sissons page, it was going to be a crap shoot.  Now I am just waiting for the full defrost so I can whip out the slow cooker and fill this house with the smell of love.

In studio news, the project of the day was another pendant piece.  I used a blank I had glued up out of leftover flooring I found on the second floor.  Three strips of wood, Two parts were Teak, as noted on the box I found them in, but the sandwiched part was something else. It was purple and more dense than the Teak, but I believe when I read the box containing it a while back it was something other than Purple Heart. The contrast was not visible enough to waste time gluing up more blanks that way once the oil was applied.  Amazingly strong though, after applying the finish I gave it the drop test on the concrete floor and the piece survived, though I doubt it hit on the more fragile loop on top, where the grain gives it a fracture point as seen in the pic, the break would occur in the hook on top, like peeling apart a sandwich.  The way I see it, and I have never been determined enough to accomplish this, but if I create one thing every day as a rule, small or large, It would be difficult to fail at the dream.  It is the philosophy used by the most prolific and sought after artists, including one of my favorites, Picasso.

The bald look.  The man to the right of me is my Father,
and until this was taken, at my cousins wedding
last October, I had not seen or spoken with him in
ten years.  My brother is to the left showing distraction.
 When the feelings of determination reach a certain apex, I reach for the hair clippers, and then the razor.  For me, there is nothing that gets me revved up like a clean, smooth dome.  It is like shedding a winter coat, or better yet, it is like summoning the inner warrior, a call to arms, a switch.  This look has nothing to do with the tired old conventional view of a white man with a bald head, but rather if I am not going to have hair from my forehead back on top, might as well get the sides too.

Tomorrow is Aynsleys' first show of the season, and first upon the pony she has been working the past few months.  We will be heading out early down to Lacrosse.

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