Thursday, May 10, 2012

Today is a week

And today is a weak as well.  Meaning last Thursday was day one of this program, a week ago, and due to the excersion of the past couple days, today will be a weak day in terms of excersize, giving my legs a rest. Arms feel fine, and so does core, so while I may do something with them today, lightly, there where be no big walks or rides, hikes or runs. Later this evening, I will be out filming Aynsley work a pony for the upcoming show season she will be participating in.  We may sneak in a little light morel searching too in the woodlot behind her parents house.

Yesterday was active, with a three mile bluff hike in the morning, and a fourteen mile bike ride in the afternoon. Here I am on top of Chimney Rock out at Whitewater SP, and a photo of the morel my friend and I almost tripped over walking back to the car.

There has also been a caloric deficit of about 50% in my diet for a week now. The first few days, the bloating from alcohol and grain melted off and brought me down about five pounds.  The past few days however, there has been an increase in weight, surprisingly. The test strips say I am producing a fair amount of ketones in place of carbs, so thereby burning fat for fuel, for I am only consuming 50-100 grams of carbs a day.  This is not nearly enough for the effort being put forth in added energy use, so clearly my system converted at least partially to fat as a fuel.

Bacon has inundated many meals the past week... My analysis is that the extra fat I am consuming may be supplying my energy needs with hopefully not much left over, if any, causing my body to begin working on that which has engulfed my organs and subcutaneously spread itself underneath my skin as well. There is a chance that the protein I am consuming is synthesizing into muscle tissue at the same time as the fat is burning, which is why they recommend measuring arms, legs, and other areas as well as the waist in the beginning. Now I am a man of many tape measures... but I do not think I own a flaccid type measuring tape.  Perhaps Aynsley has one.  With the added Testosterone levels ad decreased Cortisol, as well as the all but dismissal of Alcohol, my libido is rising, which means there may be one other measurement I should be keeping track of.

Considering I have made it to ketosis now, and am switched over to fat, I am going to perform an un-directed change up today and fast.  An "alternate day" fast, as its called, where it started last night, and will end tomorrow morning with a big bacon omelette.  IF sever hunger develops, I'll eat. Simple as that.  Right now there is no urge to eat, and the end result might be a pound lost of pure body mass.

Which leads me to last nights meal...  There was a recipe for "Jalapeno Dijon" grilled chicken I browsed, but Aynsley is not too fond of the really spicy, despite me being a hot sauce maker by the gallon.  Indeed, her palette is quite sensitive to strong or unusual foods; she refused the pickled herring I brought home yesterday on account of the texture.  So at the market I grabbed Poblanos, and made a marinade with those and fresh ginger, as well as some perfectly primal Dijon mustard, and a variety of spices and vinegar.

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