Saturday, May 26, 2012

plyometric boxes

What is a plyometric box?

They are boxes, usually wider at the base for stability, that are used in workout routines. I made three sizes yesterday, had to break apart my work table to make them, salvaging the 3/4" material I had sandwiched as the top.  The table was crap, and needed to be rebuilt anyway.

Like most of what I do, these may have been overbuilt, notice all the screws.  Unfortunately, with my haste in drilling all those countersink holes, a lot of them did not grab good wood, and I was forced to use wood glue due to lack of nothing else, such as construction adhesive.

  I could drive a tractor over these boxes without fail.

Today I will head in and go over the primer with a color, and I will pick up some tread grip to put on top.  Maybe fill the screw holes too and do some sanding.  Now why would I go through all the trouble, and not just start implementing them? The reason is subliminal, and psychological;  The better I feel about these boxes, the more I will want to use them, presumably.

I will be hopping up onto these boxes, either in line, or one at a time.  They also serve well for dips, inverted push-ups, as platform to adjust body weight while I get my pull-up reps into higher numbers, and being in the studio they will serve as a quick means of doing taller work, or tending to issues that are above my reach without having to pull out the big and bulky steel adjustable ladder.  All in all, they will serve several purposes.

Last night after returning from the studio I had a wonderful dinner waiting for me.  Aynsley had prepared the salmon in the fridge, with a beautiful sugar free glaze, perfectly prepared vegetables, and a fruit salad.  It was picture perfect but alas... I regrettably failed to grab one for this blog...   This will irk me today.  The answer is not to regret, but to replace.  Dinner tonight will be spectacular, I think.

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