Sunday, May 20, 2012

difficult to document

All that I ate yesterday would be so difficult to document into the calorie counter I use online that I have decided to skip it for the day. As for as solid food, there were no bad items, in fact with all the vegetables, two huge salads, near raw Tuna, and lean chicken, it was a rather good day in a nutritional sense.  Then there was the cheat...

Were heading into the salad days.

Reminiscent of the old days, (those prior to the start of this month of May) I went ahead and chugged down four tall boys of beer.  And not good beer either.  The stuff I imagine they scrape out of the barrel before cleaning it.

True story: While working as a cook for a winter down in Florida one year, one of the bartenders husband came in and got plowed. We had no business so I was out of the kitchen and conversing with the man, who happened to work at one of these factory brewers.  After getting blasted, he began telling us about the "added ingredients" that are specifically placed in the beer to keep working men seeking it.  I don't know what they are, or if it is true, but he said if they caught him disclosing this he would basically be dragged behind a truck as punishment.

Later on today, I plan on perhaps a bike ride before coming home and gorging on salad or eggs, or both, and then heading out to support some friends of mine whose Mother recently passed after a tremendous battle with illness. We will be walking in a fundraising event that is focused on finding a cure for what she battled with. Type 1 diabetes. The event should be a pleasure because of the weather forecasted, and because of the energy of doing something, anything to help end this terrible affliction.

After all that, it would be nice to get some studio time.  I would like to get started on another carving, perhaps one that resembles what you see in the pic, which was the last item sold in my Etsy Shop, which happens to be empty at the moment.  No reason to click the link right now...

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