Thursday, May 17, 2012

 I traveled up to finally get a replacement part for my Power carving device at Woodcraft and went ahead an installed it, (this time with lubrication, sheesh), an hour or so later this Ankh was ready to be oiled up.  The material is Brazilian Rosewood, near as I can tell. It was left behind by the former tenant of my workshop.  Strong stuff. Perfect for carving the things I do, this little frail appearing object would take significant pressure to break.

I transferred the title I held of "Team Captain" for the Etsy team to another member who has more ambition, with myself remaining as a "leader" of the team.  There are currently 75 of us, but very little activity, and I wasn't sure if I should assume some of the blame for that, or not. This will provide an idea of that. I barely visited the team page, to be honest, and my shop was empty (and still is) for a long time. With some work, and gathering of pieces displayed throughout my home, I plan to have it up and running soon.  The time has come to stop being a lazy schmuck and start being a professional, self made, in debt to nobody (except Aynsley, who I will forever be), artist.

 Last night after getting home I roasted some bison, and steamed a boatload of veggies.  The bison was perfectly cooked for me, but Aynsley needed to pan fry it a bit to take the pink out... broke my heart. This animal was grass fed of course, and the meat was purchased from the farmers market from a local rancher.

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