Sunday, May 6, 2012


Today is day four of my work on "The Primal Blueprint", developed by Mark Sisson.  So far, due to a 50 percent calorie deficit, and only between 50-100 grams of carbs a day, I dropped below 200 pounds for the first time in at least a year, or since I was in Florida and peddling or working off more than I ate or drank.

Before that, I had lost 25 pounds the previous summer on account of lengthy bike rides often, and cutting out alcohol altogether. That attempt had others concerned for me due to how fast it came off, they thought I was sick.

The properties of the primal method are simple enough, but extremely complicated when one gets into the details, but to summarize, it is about eating and behaving like our ancestors did before they were growing grain and processing foods, and although I have a ways to go before the heavy lifting, sprinting, and body weight excersize are concerned, just the diet part has shown a small decrease in fat, and I do not think I am in full ketosis yet.

  I have not tested for ketones in my system yet, but I believe it may be a little early yet.  Ketones are what is produced as energy in the absence of carbs or glucose, which is the faster burning sugars in grains we consume.

But this is not a science blog, but rather a journey documentation, and as such I will keep most of the science out until I am certain I am not bullshitting.

Basically have the same amount of energy as before starting, which was very little, unless I had drank a beer or eaten something to spike my insulin enough to spaz out.  My brain seems only slightly foggy in public.

On the other hand, my brain is also clarified some on other topics of life, mainly those that relate more directly to me.  The joy of believing I am doing something right for myself for once is helping to get past the occasional, though brief craving for something starchy.

The main thing holding back my fitness routine is the nerve damage in my wrist I
gained during a brief period on a landscaping crew three weeks ago.  I would really like to begin with body weight workouts but do not want more damage to occur, so the first step will be acupuncture treatments, which, if successful, will be praised highly on here, and if not, surely damned to the depths of hell.

As for running and playing, prescribed in the program, that I am easing into as well, for I have no health insurance, and do not want to hurt myself, which would kill this program instantly, as is what happened last December, when an unfortunate call took me off my self developed routine I was doing well on, despite its intricate documentation demands. Something will likely get in the way of this, but it is a lifestyle change, and must be considered as such, not a program that can be hopped on and off of.

I will  not be doing much promotion of this program until real results are determined, but along the way, positive signs will absolutely be mentioned, such as dropping below 200. As a man, weight loss is not the goal, but I want to fit into some clothes I miss, and also look better, with a narrow waist, and broad shoulders, ad all the rest.  What comes with this program supposedly, is much more than appearance, and we are willing to spread the word if it shows to be appropriate.

Right now, I am going to give the wrist a break, do some shopping, come home, break the fast from last night, then get out for some moderate excersize and play, and then go document the flooding that likely occurred during last nights storms in my art studio.  I will attempt to update this every day and thereby have a decent documentation of what to expect for anybody else I know who is simply sick and tired of being prey, grazing around until somebody sinks their teeth into them and ready to hunt for their livelihood, instead of awaiting it, which probably will not happen, and if so, would be much less rewarding.

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