Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Today I am going to discuss failing again.  It is a suitable topic considering what transpired yesterday.

Now I love to get up with the sun and the birds in the late spring, summer, even into autumn, but I do not like to do it with a dry mouth, headache, and general sense of disease.  For the second day in a row this is the case however. It is going to take more than I have been willing to sacrifice to end this dependency. There has been enough talk.

I did get a few things done; there is now a dog run from end to end in the facility, which allows Aegis to cover the entire floor without much chance of getting a rope wrapped around one of the posts or table.  The plyro boxes will be ready for the final touch after applying four coats of polyurethane, which is application of the grip tape on top.  Those strips have been measured and cut already.

Other than those two minor things, yesterday was a bust. Even dinner sucked, in my opinion.   I put the brisket and mixed vegetables in the crock pot at around noon, and come seven they were barely started.  The pot was set on Auto shift, which usually makes a  decent roast in that time.  Pulling it out of that and placing it into a stock pot to finish it off, I had about an hour before Aynsley was expected home.

 We must face our demons, and make conscientiousness decisions that promote success in our endeavors.
Trying on funky items at the toy store.

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