Saturday, May 12, 2012

The first week of this new routine went quite well.  The energy levels were likened to the juice fasts of days past.  That is to say, very high. In public, there was a confidence and strength in my gait, and I looked everybody in their eyes in passing.  Heading out for some excersize was effortless.  But we have sunk deeper into the effort.

The ketone strips indicate I have gone from a moderate to low level of ketosis, to a position higher on the scale located on the bottle of strips, indicating a much higher level of ketones being passed, as the scale increases almost doubling with each level up.  With this increase, there has been some drowsiness and lethargy, as expected, though still no real symptoms of the supposed "carb flu" that many speak of.

If I were to recommend a method of getting into this, it would be the way I did.  Eat some carbs from vegetables and a few pieces of fruit, so as to not be shocked by a sudden lack of what the body has been trained to burn for fuel for the entire life.  This lethargy however, is not cool.

A sculpture carved using Bubinga, Mahogany, and Lyptus.
I entered it into a woodworking show and it was on display
for a while in a public venue.

Last night dinner was a steak and sauteed vegetables.  Real simple and not very photogenic.  Tonight, I will attempt to make beef liver attractive enough to put here, I have all day to figure something out.  If you are on this road with me, or anywhere along it, or even standing at the crossroads and trying to make a decision, bear in mind there will be ups and downs.  The strength of your soul will determine your level of success or failure.

Today the goal is to force the issue.  Despite being lethargic and weak, it is imperative that I get out and burn some calories.  I am convinced my body has converted to burning mostly stored fat, and so the correct thing to do is step it up, and drop some pounds.

Pendant carved from a solid piece of Satinwood.
  This is about overall health, mental, physical, spiritual, and all the other 'als. It is Saturday night, of all nights one might feel obligated to have some liquor, this is it.  To ignore that feeling of it being apropos, is to be strong enough to avoid it. I suppose I will wait to see if we do anything which might merit such a deviation from the goal. Cheers to any readers on this path, may your day provide success and positive vibes.


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