Wednesday, May 9, 2012

the last 48 hours

This began last Thursday, it seems a little longer than that, like this is how I have always been, just enclosed in a shroud of influence; influence from advertisers, big Agra, big Pharma, and other Government lobbyist.  So far the test strips have been showing my ketones level at the center of the scale, which from what I hear is a comfortable place to be, and is why there has been no flu-like symptoms to report for myself or my partner Aynsley, who is also working on this new lifestyle with me.

To the right is dinner from two nights ago.  It is a buffalo roast, that I butterflied into a frickin sheet, then spread goat cheese on the sheet and laid out some fresh chives from the backyard.  After rolling it up tight, I webbed some bacon and draped it over, tucking it in underneath.

Some steamed dinosaur kale married with sauteed veggies made a decent side and kept the carbs low, we enjoyed the meal out on the patio.

Yesterday saw advancement as well, as we both picked up a pair of Vibram Five Fingers shoes.  These or something like them are recommended (pitched) by Mark Sisson as Primal because it is like running barefoot.  Although for me they were a little tight at the end of a day of playing in them, I think they will stretch, and if not, they have a no questions exchange policy at the store in town.

The dog and I decided to try them out at the park up the street from the house, and I would have to agree, it was a stimulating experience.  While bounding throughout Quarry Hill I thought of what it was like, and arrived at the conclusion it was similar to dreaming of being able to run barefoot through a forest over rocks and roots without much concern; with only a dull sensation of what you imagine it ought to feel like under your foot.
After arriving home from that I began dinner. We had picked up some thick cut pork chops from the Butcher shop earlier in the day, and I wanted to simulate the Shake and Bake my Mom used to make when I was a child.  With that particular product not an option, I searched for an alternative. One example I found was an almond meal crust with parm cheese and herbs de province.  I had some leftover goat cheese and plenty of raw almonds, so brought out the Cuisinart.

After adding two full eggs and letting her buck for a bit, the result was a perfectly spreadable and 100% primal crust for the chops.  I mean it went on like a dream.  The lower side fell off and slipped through the baking rack, but the top and sides received this wonderful browned and crumbly crust. At the commercial kitchen supply store in town we picked up some school lunch trays, to make things less messy because we just don't like tables, so I filled the remaining compartments with roasted Brussels sprouts and onions with bacon, half a tomato, and some cucumber slices in olive oil and dill.

After Dinner Aynsley and I went out for a walk with the dog, and did a little gymnastics at the park.  Earlier in the day I returned some videos by bike, and did some excersize band work. It was an active day, with very few carbs, and I expected to see results on the scale. Not much changed, so I suppose some muscle may have been built and some fat burned.

Speaking of that, in a short while I will be picked up to go hike at Whitewater State Park on a fasted stomach.  Yeah!  And that was a sincere Yeah! because it will burn all fat. There are no carbs to burn,  so let's go!

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