Friday, May 25, 2012

And now...

And now, the process for obtaining juicy and tasty chicken from the oven: I used thighs, because I like the flavor and the fat content of the dark meat, and also because that is what Aynsley bought.  Using a large sheet pan with a rim, and one of those racks that fits inside it, I laid the seasoned chicken (olive oil, balsamic, salt free chicken rub, cayenne, dash of salt) on the rack evenly and flat as possible.  Then I put water in the pan,  just a layer about a quarter inch deep.  I made a tent with foil and creased it around the edges, being careful not to let it rest on any of the meat, blousing it out.  The pan goes into a pre-heated 360 degree oven on the middle rack, and 35 minutes later, the chicken is done.  Thighs have a lot of fat, and you will notice this in the pan with the water, where most of it ends up.  Letting the chicken cool, I sliced it into quarter inch strips across the "grain" and put it into a container to be stored in the fridge for salads.  Whereas baked chicken can tend to be dry, especially the white meat, this is sure to remain juicy and tender.  And this is the moment I kick myself for not documenting this with a picture.  Remind me next time!

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