Friday, May 11, 2012

fire it up

Yesterdays' fast went well, though I am no stranger to fasting What was unique about it was of course, the lack of carbs. I was energetic all day, and barely thought about food until it was too late in the evening to do anything about it. Morning came, and for another few hours still, I was not dying to eat.  Then came the most satisfying bacon laden omelette I've had in years.  On the side of that, a healthy serving of my home made kimchi, which began fermenting early yesterday, taunting me in my fasted state.

It was my first attempt at kimchi, and cut a corner or two, in that without knowledge of the Korean language I simply chose a packet at the Asian store that read "kimchi mix".  To that I added daikon, carrots, the cabbage, and an amount equal to the spice packets of some mash from my last batch of hot sauce.  the strained stuff mainly habaneros  and cooked down vegetables.

The title to this post may refer to the kimchi, which indeed was hot as hell, but it also refers to the alternate day fast being over, a full belly, and a beautiful day to get out and run around in my Vibram five fingers all over the woods.  Yesterday I went back and got a size larger due to some bizarre shaped toes I wield.

Afterward, it may be time to get into the studio and cut out some pendant blanks from some Brazilian Rosewood and teak that the last tenant mysteriously left behind.  There is also a painting that is arduous and boring to do, which I believe the end result, long overdue should be dramatic at least.  Without any examples yet in the early stages of this blog of my work, I will go ahead and wrap this up for now, and with tomorrows update, there should be a few pieces for viewing.

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