Sunday, May 13, 2012

Yesterday was extreeeeeeeme!

Never mind the reference to a certain movie, it truly was on the level of extreme for these reasons:

In the morning, on an empty stomach I rode up to Pine Island and back, 35 miles almost exactly from my house.  Normally this would be a casual ride, though I have not attempted it this year yet.  It was more of a task yesterday on account of not having any carbs to help me along.  Also, and I believe it is because I lowered my seat to take pressure off of my carpal tunnel suffering hands, my ass was hurting. It should be a simple ride, and the fact it seemed arduous makes me believe it was effectively crushing fat.

I'm going to EAT this?

Later in the day, I joined Aynsley and our dog Aegis on a walk up to my studio and back.  Just a few more miles, but then we came back and I began another extreme activity, cooking liver.  I knew it could be screwed up pretty easy, so I was very careful to pull it out of the pan with just a hint of pink in the middle.  For me, it was lovely, Aynsley made the excuse she was not hungry and simply nibbled an end of one of the pieces.  The kale I accompanied it with was steamed and mixed with bacon and bacon fat, and it was highly gobblable.

And the final extreme of yesterday was my lack of control... After having burned almost 5000 calories with general body functions plus the extra excersize, and consuming only around 1300 calories of food, silly me had the idea I deserved a half pint of whiskey, and had Aynsley pick one up while out running an errand.
Liver, onions, and steamed kale with bacon.  

Bad idea.  It added five hundred empty calories which have zero nutrition.  I barely felt the effects, had nobody around enjoying similar effects, and went to bed  shortly after the last sip, making the entire episode a waste of time.  And that wasn't the worst of it either, because come 3 a.m. my body was using those empty alcohol calories for fuel and I was wired and nervous, as well as flooded with feelings of guilt.

In a few we are going to head over to Aynsleys' parents house for Mothers' Day activities, and part of that is a meal.  I am not looking forward to refusing food and possibly insulting these folks, but I am also not going to destroy the routine in favor of avoiding a debate over nutrition.

Poor thing was shaking from fear when I approached,
but eventually calmed down and I sat with it
for a few minutes.
Later this afternoon I will hopefully have my buddy Marcus out at my studio with his throwing knives and I will attempt to learn how to throw accurately whilst putting as few holes in my wall as possible, hopefully hitting the target instead more times than not.  I will grab some action photos if I think of it. For now, here is a baby bat I found on a walk the other day under a bridge where the trail passes.

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