Thursday, May 24, 2012

something new, same old ish

OK, so it was actually the second time doing it, but definitely still new to me.   Running.  More specifically at the moment, I will call it sprinting, then walking in pulses, because with the lack of fitness in my lungs, and possibly the heart issues, running at a nominal pace wears me out within a eighth of a mile or so, and I have to slow down to catch my breath, so in all respects that is sprinting to me. This I am hoping will change and by the end of the summer, the plan is to circle Silver Lake without breaking the stride, a distance of 1.8 miles.

I seek alternate forms of heightened awareness and joy, and am doing so by exploring clean methods that I have heard work, like the "runners high" I have heard about.  Also I will be resuming my efforts on the yoga mat. "Highs" from food are options as well, as chemical reactions with food consumption may be slight but they can be noticeable in an otherwise clear mind.

But that is an issue with me, staying clear-headed.  Call it what you will, but the half pint of whiskey I cheated with yesterday was a form of escape from something...

In artistic news, I met with a gallery owner who opened their facility just three weeks ago.  He showed little interest in my less than fine style, and I wish him the best in his endeavors at that location. Even in the center of town, one can apparently lease a decent sized place to show art, but the market is transient in this town due to the main industry being a medical facility which is meant to only be visited for a hopefully short, yet undetermined period of time, and those visitors, are likely not shopping for art. The results of this meeting sent me to my studio to mull over the direction I would like to head with my work.

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