Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Primitive Weaponry Wielding

Yesterday dinner consisted of some salted cashews and pumpkin seeds.  I found them while tracking a water Buffalo.  They were salty.

Without some food porn to put up here, I'll provide a glimpse at some other Primal interest such as methods to take down other bodies in motion to OBTAIN such food. I have never been much of a hunter, tried it a few times, was never successful, plus, back in the day I may have cried at the site of a dead beast fallen by my hand.

First, yesterday consisted of several miles of walking or jogging over the course of the day, and my afternoon jog was pocked with efforts like bounding from boulders over streams and balancing acts.  Lets be clear, it was more like five hundred feet of jogging followed by at least five hundred feet of walking for about 3 miles.  Arthritis  in my knee coupled with the fact I have never jogged in 35 years, made that the only way, but I persisted through the routine.  This type of activity would be essential for chasing down game, but once in range, one must be able to take that animal down.

I build bows.  I make them out of PVC pipe and fiberglass driveway markers.  Unfortunately for the update today, I have no good pics of the most recent version, which tested at a 65 pound draw strength when I brought it into the primitive bow shop in town.  www.footedshaftllc.com  They were respectful, and didn't laugh too hard. Perhaps I will get some footage of the shooting of that, plus the practice of these knives in the picture which were lent to me by a friend last night after a little introduction on them.

Future projects will include an "atlatl" and a spear chucker.  The atlatl is a device that enables one to throw a rock very far, very fast, and if good enough, quite accurately.  The spear chucker does what the name implies.  It offers leverage to throw a spear a great distance.  Neither of these have I ever attempted to use, and my first try will be with my home made version.

If anybody reading this has ever used any of above said devices, please feel free to share in comments the experience.

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