Friday, June 1, 2012

quick update

Having my old work space under the garage of my home has made it easy to take my time getting everything over to the new studio, and while taking the final truck load over yesterday, I ran into my friend Charlotte.

She has put on some weight since the last time, so I was taken back upon realizing she was right beside where i put my hand under the bench we were moving.  Not particularly poisonous, this Wood Spider is too far North for its typical habitat, and I might have to take her in for the winter if she sticks around, which I hope she will.  We have several months before I will need to think about that.  

For dinner last night I roasted some cabbage, carrots, and as a cheat some potatoes, because I thought the extra carbs would come in handy for the big day of work I have planned.  On the side I served avocado and kimchi, with the protein being some farm fresh hot Italian brats that for my now more sensitive palette were over seasoned. They might have worked in a starchy white flour bun, with sweet ketchup and mustard, but not alone.  Tonight I am considering the local tenderloins we picked up. We got our charcoal grill back, which I prefer to our stone and gas grills, so I might wrap the medallions with some bacon and do up a fat log of veggie medley to toss on with them.  Maybe if I am feeling extra ambitious I will mix up some fresh pico de guyo sans corn chips, or better yet, some guacamole.  

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