Saturday, June 2, 2012

redirect focus for higher productivity

Today's result is a late rising, and this may be due to the nights prior not being full of rest. Last night wasn't full of rest either due to having to break up two raccoons that were brawling and screaming in my backyard at 1. When one of them took off as I approached, the other charged me, forcing me to run back to the patio in my bathrobe fearing a rabid bite.
The rest of the night after calming down was full of vivid dreams and mostly restful sleep, but I certainly did not bounce out of bed.

This may have been because I decided not to suck down an entire french press of coffee and therefore had not the drug of choice to pull me out of bed.  Upon reaching the kitchen however, THAT addiction got the best of me and I decided upon brewing just one cup, which i am enjoying at the moment.

We jogged yesterday morning, and did a small workout at the studio on the boxes and bars and bags.  We also did some walking with the dog, and tried to stay moderately active.  Real results will come with more activity, but there is one other thing I need to put more attention towards:  Stress.  Perhaps even larger than alcohol, and most certainly a root of it, my stress levels have always been high, which results in an increased production of Cortisol, the stress hormone, and it likes to deposit fat around the midsection primarily.   Reducing Cortisol production is a large step towards my goals, as well as increasing Testosterone levels, which are said to begin decreasing at my age.

The reduction of coffee and alcohol are huge steps toward hormonal balancing.  With coffee a major stress-or,  and alcohol a testosterone killer, they both act counter-productively and increase the slope of the climb.

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